Distribution of Feature Films

The ultimate aim of every video or feature film is to reach the end user. If this aim is not met, all the efforts you put into creating a movie go in vain. This is reason why the job of a distributor is crucial in the entire process of film making.

However, although it sounds simple, distribution is a very complex process. It is a job that needs a strong knowledge about the market so that the feature film can be released at locations that can get maximum viewership and reap the highest profits. In other words, if you want your high quality video to work in your favour, you need a brilliant distributor. That brings you to Pandav Cinevision Private Limited.

Why Pandav Cine Vision?

At Pandav Cine Vision Private Limited, we are not just distributors but also an end to end film production house. So, we are aware of every aspect of film making. We are also aware of the market trends and hence, can analyse the right distribution modules.

Depending upon your requirements and your budgets, we come up with a distribution plan that could include either physical distribution or digital distribution. Every feature film we distribute is allotted a team to work on. This team comprises of experts in the field of distribution and market analysis. They prepare a project report that goes through multiple sessions of brainstorming before being implemented.

Pandav Cinevision Private Limited is knowledgeable about different distribution patterns. We can take your feature films to movie theatres, plan home theatre releases, Internet releases and CD/DVD releases. So, you can be assured of a thorough distribution model at Pandav Cinevision Private Limited.

Our prices are reasonable and customised to your requirements. Depending on your consent, we either draw up a profit sharing model or a fixed amount depending on the number of prints and other distribution aspects.

Call us for more details about our expertise in feature film distribution.