Producing films is our job but for us, the entire process of film making is more than just a business enterprise. We are passionate about producing videos and films, and it is this passion that brings out the best results in our work.

At Pandav Cine Vision Private Limited, we produce a wide range of works including feature films, ad films, documentaries, television serials, portfolio shoots, auditions, events, award shows and video albums.

Our production assets

We have made significant investment in putting together a production house that can offer end to end services to customers. With our assets, we can make a complete video from scratch and deliver it to you within the required time frame. The assets of our production house include:

  • Shooting area equipped with different types of lighting fixtures and other equipment required to create various videos
  • 40 latest cameras including Beta Cam, PD 170, DSR-450,Z-%,Z-7, HD, HD Cam, DG-Beta and F-900 CineAlta
  • Well equipped FCP-G-5 lab for editing, colour correction and video development
  • Advanced sound systems such as Babies, Multi-10, Multi 20, Solars and HMI-4.5
  • A team consisting of experienced and expert directors, choreographers, cameraman, editors, sound recorders and lighting experts, art directors, choreographers and make-up artists

Our assets are continuously growing since we put a portion of our profits into purchasing new equipment and improving the amenities present in our production house. We believe in continual growth, and hence, make sure that our services are never stagnant.

Equal opportunity production house

Pandav Cine Vision Private Limited believes that if you have the skill, the passion and the drive to make a film, you should not have to give up because of lack of facilities. With this objective, we have always focused on being an equal opportunity production house. This means that whatever your budget, we try and accommodate your requirements.

Also, the doors of our production house are open to everybody, be it beginners, strugglers in the industry or experienced and well established professionals.

Get in touch with us to know more about our production house. Call us today!

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